Girls Prefer Ponies

I did. Actually, I preferred them to anything else in the world and growing up I spent most of my time on horseback. But one thing puzzled me; where were all the boys? Of course, I saw men riding at the very top levels, but I never met a normal, average, teenage enthusiast.

But boys should love horses too. Mine especially. I do not want my sons whizzing about the countryside on fairly predictable if-not-quite-always-safe-motorbikes. I want them whizzing about on fast, unpredictable, bat-shit crazy ponies like I was. It’s no good living through your children if they’re not doing the kind of things you enjoy.

So I took Bear riding. And this is what he looked like on his cousin’s horse…


And this is what he looked like off his cousin’s horse…


Undeterred, I tried again a few weeks later. A nice lady gave him the chance to sit on one of her ponies. And look! If you peer carefully through the sleet and mist you can see he really loved it…

Bear pony thumbs

Although mostly because I’d just told him he could have an Easter egg if he stayed on.

I still have some work to do.

Mostly on myself.



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