Maaaaaan Up Mamas!

Motherhood makes you strong. I didn’t realise quite how strong until it came to giving birth. Once the baby was safely out, Andrew confessed that he’d have given up ages ago.

Motherhood gives you certainty. You know that in a heartbeat you’d die or kill for your child. You know that without even having to think about it; it’s in your guts, part of you.

This mama knows it too. When I went to take this photo she stamped the ground. I’m not talking a gently pawing, I’m talking a ferocious stomp. She locked eyes and showed me her horns. That’s her foot coming up in the photo. I didn’t hang around long enough for it to come down.


I sometimes think us women could pay that kind of ferocity a bit more attention. We have access to it, I just don’t think we always know what to do with it. Especially women who, like me, are returning to work after having babies. How is it that after growing and pushing out a whole new human being we feel less confident? Our bodies might have softened, but we have not.

We can now transcend levels of pain, sleeplessness and emotional turmoil we would previously judge impossible; we have proven ourselves to be more patient, responsible, selfless and empathetic than we might ever have imagined. These are the qualities that make workplaces work.

So why is it we feel timid?

Can you imagine this sheep feeling awkward about sending out her CV? Nervous about picking up the phone to a former boss? Too worried about saying the wrong thing on twitter to even join the conversation?

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

she ra sheep




2 thoughts on “Maaaaaan Up Mamas!

  1. Hi Helen, this is all relevant to me right now. As I prepare for my volunteering role in order to give myself courage to go again into the grown up world of work. I have to say I am scared! But I will try and think of that sheep stomping her hoof! X


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