Seren Is Welsh For Star

This is my niece, Seren. I have long been of the opinion that she is the coolest girl in the world.



Don’t worry, the snake was dead, we found it in the grass near my mum’s house. Also, she is not really regurgitating the snake; that would be gross (although also a little bit AWESOME).

I am so thankful that she is Bear’s greatest female role model. Because Seren is most definitely not indoors doing boring stuff. She is outside, being a warrior, usually barefoot and doing something interesting, like building dens, playing with the dogs, making up elaborate Easter egg hunts, helping with lambing or teaching a two-year old Bear how to turn the hosepipe on the adult members of his family.

phone 127

If more girls were like Seren then we would probably have more female leaders, more female Prime Ministers, greater equality and generally, a far healthier balance between the sexes.

Seren is not sat at home moaning about how unfair the world is. She does not indulge in intellectual spats with other intellectual women, nor gorge on industrial quantities of self-pity or man-hating.  She simply goes out and does whatever the hell she feels like.

She isn’t just Bear’s role model, she’s mine.

phone 575


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