The Size of One’s Manhole

The other day Bear told me ‘girls can’t drive’. (I’m not sure exactly who he thinks has been ferrying him around for the last four years but it obviously can’t have been me.) However, Young Bear, sometimes boys can’t drive either. This is what happened this morning when daddy drove the tractor over the manhole covering our sewerage pipes, ‘just to see what happens’.


Apologising for the ‘pieces’ of raw sewerage still in the open pipes to the nice man who came to fix it, was probably not in my top ten most glamorous moments of all time.

But hey, it all worked out because now instead of a mere five-tonne manhole cover (we’ve already gone through two) we now have a ten-tonne manhole cover. And apparently, if you’re a man, this makes you doubly manly.


Lets hope it makes you doubly a better driver too…


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