My Dog Is Not A Feminist

I really want to write about what a fabulous feminist Scarlett is. She is head-strong, determined, cleverer than most people think, and fearless about going after what she wants. But she is also soft, affectionate, forgiving and devoted to my children.

phone 194
Obviously she is not normally allowed up on the bed, but the poor thing had just been spayed. That’s why she’s got the blow-up collar on.


And yet, she has something of an image problem. In fact, to the vast majority of people who know her, Scarlett is no more a feminist than Donald Trump. These are the top three things other people say about her:

  1. She’s really annoying *
  2. She’s quite stupid, isn’t she? **
  3. She’s super-fast ***

I don’t think ‘annoying’, ‘stupid’ and ‘fast’ were the top three things people said about Mary Wollstonecraft (although fast women always sound so thrilling, don’t they?).

phone 185
Obviously she is not allowed up on the couch very often either.

However, despite the fact that Scarlett won’t be bothering the cover of Ms. Magazine anytime soon, she undoubtedly teaches my boys to be kinder, to look after others and to gently insist on certain standards of behaviour.  And, essentially, for me, this is what feminism is about.

Yay for Scarlett!

*She’s not annoying, she just likes to be involved.
phone 413.jpg
**She’s not stupid. The picture below shows her in the driver’s seat of our car as we were packing up to come home from holiday. She always does this, to make sure we don’t forget her. Would a stupid dog do that? No, I don’t think they would.

phone 303

***She is super-fast.



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