Spark Joy Fail

I am a huge Konmari fan. I follow the Facebook page , I’ve read the book, I’ve sparked joy in my airing cupboard, lounge, office and wardrobe. (Tip: when you throw out four bin bags of clothes in January make sure you keep at least one pair of shorts. Because even if they don’t spark joy at the time, considerably less joy will be sparked when one of those sudden spring heatwaves hits and the only shorts you have are maternity ones which are somehow tighter now on your legs than when you were pregnant.)

As of last weekend, I had still failed to spark any joy in my kitchen. As Andrew got to do sit-on lawn-mower stuff with the boys, I attempted the cutlery drawer.


Pretty sexy huh?

I then moved on to dry goods, Tupperware, plates, pans and tea-cups. As I did this Andrew and Bear began upcycling an old couch into an outside chaise longue. In the sun. Together. Laughing and talking and stuff.

DSC_0005 (2)

They asked me repeatedly to join them. I refused on the grounds of ‘if I don’t do this no-one else will’ with the same weary dedication and self-importance of a very clever scientist about to make a break-through on a very Big Problem.


Weary dedication and self-importance soon turned into resentment which soon turned into out and out hatred of the world and every single sodding piece of Tupperware in it.

And yet, it wasn’t a total waste. Because although it came a little early, my boys learnt an important lesson about marriage…

This is what wives look like when they do too much weekend housework.

DSC_0001 (1)



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