This Week’s Feminist Five


2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
An affront to basic human decency

Look carefully at this face. Does it make you angry? I’m afraid you’re not trying hard enough. Alicia Keys going make-up free at the VMA’s caused outrage. Ladies, next time you leave the house please consider carefully whether you have sufficient lipstick on to show respect to…who…who exactly?


pregnant woman
She’s only laughing cos she’s skiving

Excellent news! A report highlighting the antics of pregnant women has shown that companies simply aren’t falling for such flimsy, time-wasting excuses as ‘antenatal appointments’ anymore.


jeremy corbyn
On to your socialist ruse Jezza…

Jeremy Corbyn has asked companies to ban after-work drinks events as they discriminate against working mothers. Banning men from the pub is not the answer, getting women into the pub, is. The first politician to figure out how, is guaranteed to become Prime Minister. Or King. Or Queen of the universe or something.


Nigella Lawson: clearly a terrorist

The French continue to argue about the burkini ban. There’s been a lot of intellectual debate on both sides but surely it’s time to cut to the chase. The only reason the French want women to strip is because they’re all perverts.

Racial prejudice, tres jolie, non?


The Radio Times: anti female

Any person or organisation who denies the happiness of women is no friend of feminism. Villain of the week goes to The Radio Times for putting Poldark on the cover…fully clothed.

Oh, alright then…

Purely in the name of feminism




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