This Week’s Feminist Five



Aaaawwww! Yeuch! Ouch!… Aaaaaahhh? Introducing the O-shot; an injection of one’s blood into one’s clitoris, designed to improve one’s sex life. “The intersection between God and science,” apparently.



Chelsea Clinton was criticised for missing her daughter’s first day at nursery because she was busy supporting her mum.  When Nana has pneumonia and is the only person standing between Donald Trump and leadership of the free world, this is probably forgivable.



When it comes to fashion, diets, child-rearing, cooking, drinking responsibly,  sexiness, insouciance and sophistication, our French sisters have always been superior. So we’re obviously really, really happy for them that now they can add ‘educated young men’ to that list, as France provides it’s pupils with the first full-sized, anatomically correct models of the clitoris.



Four young women were chucked off a flight to Ibiza for racist, drunken behaviour. This wouldn’t have been a news story if it was four twentysomething men, but thank goodness that this kind of behaviour is unusual enough to be newsworthy. Racist shouty girls, brave because they’re pissed, ain’t doing nothing for the sisterhood.



The British Asian Trust launched it’s Give A Girl A Future campaign with a runway show featuring victims of acid attacks. Acid attacks have nearly doubled in the UK in the past 10 years. “The world will automatically turn you into a victim and victimise you,” said Laxmi, one of the runway models. “Instead of having a mentality that makes you feel like a victim, become a fighter and become a voice for the people who are going through these things. So you can strengthen those who are going through violence.” Note to the Ibiza racists, this is what brave really looks like.


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