This Week’s Feminist Five

No 1

massive machine

Emma Watson’s He For She UN campaign celebrated its second anniversary this week. Not only has the campaign transformed the way contemporary feminism is viewed, it also provided the inspiration for yet another mummy blog. Yup, this one. I’m sure Emma Waston and the UN are all very glad they went to the trouble. Here’s the piece I wrote about it for The Telegraph.

No 2


Few of us want our kids’ first choice of career to be prostitution, obvs. But in his remarks about schools talking about sex work as a career choice, Lib Dem Councillor Dennis Parsons reminded me of a few interviews I did a long time ago with some sex workers. They freely choose their job and were fed up with the rest of the world’s sympathy/moral judgement. Also, making sex work legal would not only make it safer for the people involved, but, as the article points out, could raise £1 billion a year in taxes.

No 3


I admit, I chose this one purely one for the headline: ‘Could Japan’s Virgins Kamikaze the Nation’s Future?’ (doesn’t ‘Kamikaze’ feel thrillingly un-pc?). But it’s still quite an interesting story, about how 42% of young single men and 44% of Japanese women have never had sex. OK, it might be scuppering the country’s birth rate, but in our mega-sexualised society, I find  this quite sweet.

No 4


Once the media is done picking over the immediate wreckage of the Brangelina split, we will inevitably have a deluge of ‘women can’t have it all’ pieces. Phew, now we only have to aim for Supermum-humanitarian-Hollywood-megastar status, without having to bother with the wife bit. Perhaps it’s alright to continue slobbing about our my tracksuit bottoms, pausing the torso bit on Poldark (twenty minutes in on episode 1, since you ask).

No 5


Hooray! As Google tells us, today is the 358th anniversary of tea in the UK. Already it feels a teensy bit sexist to be writing about tea on a feminist round-up. So I just googled ‘do men or women drink more tea?’ and ta dah! I give you a whole page devoted to the subject ‘Tea and Gender‘, with a link to an article titled ‘Real men drink tea’ and a youtube video entitled ‘Tea club for men; ep 01:Peppermint.’. I’m sorry, I haven’t got time to actually look at them, I have to get to the shops to buy my eldest son a blue tractor…


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