Boy Poo/Puppy Poo

The sad thing about being as excellent at parenting as we are, is that things can get a little dull. When you reach the level that we’re at, previously interesting child rearing tasks can become a teensy bit predictable.

Take potty training for example. Raffy is our second child so obviously we are totally on top of it. So on top of it in fact that recently we found ourselves longing for a way to make the whole process more interesting.

Now it’s not that potty training has been without its challenges.  Raff does like to keep us on our toes in his choice of loo…

OK here I was going to insert a photo of what he did to his little pull-along truck. It felt a bit too much like crossing a line. 

He also likes to include the outside of the loo as well as the inside. There is the additional adventure of having a suddenly very mobile 7 month-old who insists on being involved in everything. Who has Raff’s fingers in her mouth quite a lot. Raffy doesn’t distinguish between ‘poos’ and ‘wees’,  so when he’s telling you he’s done or doing one there’s the delightful suspense  of not knowing what you’re going to get. He’s added a new element of thrill by inventing the ‘nettle wee’ although his favourite place to go is out the back door, feet kept carefully inside the house.


We’re not without help. Scarlett, our dog, really enjoys emptying the potty. It is so much fun, picking up a potty in one hand, baby in the other and trying with the third hand that you don’t seem to have to gently lead a soiled two year old to the nearest shower or hose pipe.  Whilst trying not to trip over the lip-licking dog. Good job we’re So. On. Top. Of. Things. I mean really, the whole potty training thing was becoming a bit easy.

So thank goodness that we’ve just bought a puppy! Despite the fact that Andrew still refers to the first few months of Scarlett’s life with us as ‘the darkest days of our marriage’.  Despite the fact that we have two more children now than we did back then. None of this matters because suddenly toilet training is interesting again! Now when the previously dry carpet beneath our feet (or y’know, the baby’s face), suddenly becomes wet we have the thrill of not knowing if it’s down to the toddler or the puppy.


But then look at this face. And tell me you wouldn’t have sacrificed your carpets/children’s hygiene/peace of mind/possibly your marriage too.



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