You’re a Hero. Fact.

scissorsIn the last few weeks Raff has cut his hair three times with the kitchen scissors (we finally decided to put them out of reach. Never let it be said we make snap decisions). He’s taken most of the skin off the middle of his face from falling off his bike whilst at a standstill. He has worked out how to climb over the giant fire guard to get to the fire. Today he brought Andrew and I a cup of ‘coffee’ each – we realised he’d dragged a chair to the kitchen top, balanced on it while he switched the kettle on, then poured the boiling water into the cups, balanced on a chair with both cups full of water and brought them outside to us. (I have to admit, there was a big part of me that was insanely proud). At eight months old and despite me insisting that she’s too young, Edie has learnt to climb most of the stairs. She is absolutely delighted with herself.  She is at that confident but wobbly stage of trying to stand up and falling smack back over, preferably onto a hard floor. She has also been working hard at her favourite hobby of putting small pieces of Lego in her mouth. Actually, anything in her mouth. Now Raff has worked out he can pick Edie up, this is his favourite hobby. He especially likes to do this while I’m trying to have a wee. The dog has chewed the corner off the electrical plug socket. Raffy has taken to playing with the sockets because he now likes hoovering too. The thing he says most to me at the moment? ‘Don’t worry mum.’ I spend most of my time running from one room to another, to wherever the screaming or crying or terrible silence is coming from.  My efforts to save my children from hurting themselves are constant, maddening and often inadequate. But earlier I had this thought: What I’m doing, what most parents are doing, every single day is stopping their children seriously hurting themselves, and often saving their lives. In tiny, boring, tedious ways. So if you get to the end of today and feel you’ve achieved absolutely nothing else, you can take great comfort in reminding yourself of that.  So there.


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